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Finance Zone is a blogging platform for all Forex enthusiastic folks and Forex newbies to share information and get motivation for Forex trading. We are devoted to supporting the Forex traders by keeping them up to date with progressive trading information latest Technologies and trends. So, what are you waiting for do Forex Write for us & reach out to your targeted audience? Because this platform aims to share a variety of quality Forex content with their readers regularly.

Premier Forex Write for Us Blogging Platform

There is always a need for a blogging platform that can cater to both professional and newbie to gather.

Finance Zone is an exclusive platform for all Forex professionals, skilled traders, and seasoned service providers to share their wisdom and learning. Forex newbies can learn to form them or seek guidance.

Usually, professionals produce content, but this content doesn’t reach all Forex enthusiastic, so this platform provides opportunities for professionals to share their knowledge and experiences with all. Finance Zone is the place where passionate young people can showcase their achievements; share their struggling but inspiring stories. They can share their wisdom, Forex insight.

Finance Zone provides you the opportunity to write high-quality content and represent your thoughts, points of view, and approach regarding the Forex market. Readers will get benefit from this valuable content, and other side professionals can build up a personal profile, mentorship, and recognition in the market.

How to Submit Content?

You can submit your content through CONTACT US

Forex Write for Us Objectives

Our foremost objective is to establish the Finance Zone as an exclusive and premier destination of all Forex-related content.

We want to recognize as a sole platform with all Forex information and Forex content. Our objective is to enjoy the mutual partnership of knowledge and work by helping the Forex aspirants and professionals.

How does Finance Zone benefit to you

  • If you are a Forex aspirant, then you can seek guidance, the solution to your problems, and mentorship through Forex content.
  • You can build yourself a brand or introduce your Forex brand and create awareness regarding your brand.
  • Leverage off Finance Zone readership and gain access to new website traffic
  • We let you reach your content to maximum people as they distribute articles to a wide variety of outlets. More exposure and massive interaction with an audience/ customers. We also feature the posts of their contributors on the front page of Forex Factory.
  • You have a chance to improve your SEO by getting published on the high profile Forex website. Another promising thing is that.
  •  It promotes your content via social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram twitter) and helps you reach more people/ customers/audiences.

How does it work?

It works in a simple manner. All the content writers are given their logins to create their own posts. After completing your post, you have to change the status pending review, and then our professional team will review the post by all aspects. If there is a need for editing, suggestion, or anything else, our professional team will provide you feedback. Then the professional team will schedule your blog post to be published on the website. Your post will also reach to social media and our email list.

We believe in genuine work, so as an author, you will also be able to maintain your profile. Keep up-to-date your profile pic, website link, and latest promotions.

Quality of Content

To make this platform a genuine Forex Write for Us information hub, we would like to publish high quality and non-promotional write for us forex content. Authors can put links to their website, social media, and promotional content in the author box (bottom of each post) or elsewhere within the content if they want. If you contribute regularly, then definitely, you will be able soon to make your name.

Types of Content

This platform is truly dedicated to Forex information and anything related to Forex. Content contributors have to specify their content related to Forex by any aspect.

Following are some general areas for the guidance

  • Latest trading information
  • Trading insight
  • General and technical trading education
  • Latest news related to the Forex market
  • fundamental trading analysis
  • How to establish Trade setups and grab opportunities
  • Trading types and which suits to whom
  • Forex Trading Strategies,

Risk management in trading

  • Money and time management in Forex trading
  • Modern Trading products and resources
  • Trading as a business
  • Trader/ investors Psychology/ mindset
  • Motivation, inspirational stories related to Forex trading

The list is long so you can touch any area which is related to the Forex market.

 Format of Content Must Follow 

  • Professional Tips and techniques
  • Modern Tools
  • How to do certain things
  • Professional Reviews regarding anything related to Forex
  • How to generate Resources
  • Blog posts
  • Vlogs regarding Forex
  • Videos/ audios

Frequently Asked Questions 

How will you reach the people?

It is a platform where you do not have to worry about competition. There are different content creators with different ideas, and every one is unique. Your content will reach to the people through social media and our email list. Your content will automatically draw the people who can relate with you, or your content is according to their consent.

By investing a low amount monthly, you can grab an opportunity to co-brand and banner advertisements on all Finance Zone contribution pages/posts. Initially having your own professional blog on high-quality Forex website is a great opportunity to generate leads

How to get started?

Starting with us is easy and hassle-free. You just have to complete the form. You have to just tell us how you would like to connect with us either as a guest writer or a regular contributor. You have to include your trading background, education, website address, etc. our team will review your request, and if everything is ok, then you will get login details within twenty-four hours. After receiving login details, you can start posting or sharing your valuable knowledge regarding Forex trading or you can contact us